The Bush Winch

The Bush Winch system provide a number of accessories as part of the Company’s total solution to vehicle self-recovery.

Series II Bush Winch Kit

The new generation Series II Bush Winch is a moulded product with a smooth touch and easy handling that will stand up to the toughest conditions and last a lifetime. It has a very high 60% long glass fibre content bonded by an industrial grade nylon polymer. The result is a super strong but relatively flexible engineering solution perfect for its intended use.

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Anchor Kits

The Bush Ground Anchor provides anchoring solution for those times when there is no help and there are no other natural anchor points you can winch to.

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Rope Guide Kits

The Rope Guide feeds the winch rope onto the Bush Winch even when winching at an angle. It is also used to pull the vehicle into line if the vehicle is slipping sideways.

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Bridle Kits

The Bridle is another means of creating anchor points where you need them in line with the vehicle. The Bridle is strung tightly across the path of the vehicle attached to anchor point to the side.

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The Accessories

The Wheel Nuts

Every Bush Winch comes with a set of especially made wheel nuts/bolts for attaching the Bush Winch to. The nuts/bolts fit a variety of different vehicles with different wheel nut/bolt dimensions and thread patterns.

The Winch Rope

The Bush Winch system uses high strength braided rope that is made with an incredibly smooth surface. The ropes combine good strength retention with good flexibility making them the ideal tools for getting yourself out of tricky situations with the Bush Winch drum.

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