The Winch Rope

The winch rope used is 12 strand 5mm Dynice 75 with a breaking strain of 3200kg (7054 lbs lbs). It is specifically coloured red for better visibility. This rope combines strength, light weight and ease of use. It is relatively inelastic and therefore poses minimal recoil risk in the event of a break. It is easily repaired if broken and long lengths can be carried and spooled to winch over long distances.

The Wheel Nuts

Every Bush Winch comes with a set of especially made wheel nuts/bolts for attaching the Bush Winch to. The nuts/bolts fit a variety of different vehicles with different wheel nut/bolt dimensions and thread patterns.

Any two wheel nuts will fully cope with the maximum possible load imposed by winching and therefore when four or more wheel nuts are being used the safety margin is considerable.

These nuts/bolts can be purchased separately to allow for use the Bush Bridle at the same time or for use of the same Bush Winch on multiple vehicles.